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Default Are you drinking premium rum, or do you just think you are?

I'm asked all the time about the best premium rums and after getting some statistics from the Distilled Spirits Council I began taking another look at labels containing the words 'premium,' 'ultra-premium,' 'super-premium' etc.

According to David Ozgo at Discus, "The categories that I use (Value, Premium, High End Premium and Super Premium) are my own. No one really had a workable definition so I developed a system by first placing market leaders into a category and analyzing how brands fell around them. For rum, Bacardi (Light) and Captain Morgan (Original) were categorized as Premium. Brands priced below Bacardi and Captain Morgan would be Value brands. Some High End Premium brands are: Appleton Estate XV, Myer's Original Dark and Bacardi 8 Reserve. Super Premium examples are Mount Gay Extra Old and Angostura 1824."

This about summed it up for me. If you want to make a premium rum, raise the price and join the group that is growing at double digits.

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