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Originally Posted by Edward Hamilton View Post
I look for a distillery name on the bottle, but there are some premium private labels. Other than that you'll have to taste it and go from there. In my opinion, a premium spirit should have a well integrated flavor with the body following the initial taste and the finish should be continuous with the body. If the initial taste dominates the flavor profile I question the quality of the spirit.

I tend to consider the price last in determining whether or not a spirit is really a premium product or not. I tend not to buy bottles which have the word premium or super premium on the label, but that is just my preference.

Hello Ed,
good description what a premium rum (spirit) should be.
In my opinion, and i have to be careful what i say as a trader, the price and the marketing really doesn't play the role to make a premium rum. The customers, if they are educated!, taste the difference. And customers are very individual, so i find each day a other way to sell a "premium" rum. It depends what they expect: my knowledge and recomendation?, the marketing things? or their own taste?...
Meanwhile i have clients, they try some and find out, what they like. I am happy about that. Lucky me, their taste can really change. ;-)
But the advertising is hard and make a lot stupid products to "premium" stuff...
I wish, the rum producers could find a way to sell some of their fantasic products in a better way, not calling as a premium, super premium or something superdoopa thing. It is inflationär (sorry i didnt find the right english word for it, hope you understand it), only with the original character of the product.

Only the best ist good enough!

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