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Finally, I will enter some notes. I wish a had a site like Dood's, the Count's or Scottes to enter all my thoughts, but since I don't, I will enter them here in an abbreviated version.
Beautiful copper red orange hue, legs like a ballet dancer.
I sense Tropical fruit, bananas and mangos and a hint of caramel and vanilla on the nose.
Smokey wood on the palate, and I must say the Mesquite wood is very unique - delicious. Nice balance between sweet and bitter, something I love about rhum agricoles that this rum delivers. There is some spice here too, cinnamon and allspice.......?
Just a touch of heat on the tongue and back of the throat- nice.
On the finish that unique wood flavor just sits on your tongue and keeps you company. The rum continues to open up and flavors intensify after it rests in the glass for a time.
The is just an excellent rum. The only downside is that over half my bottle is gone already.
I will find the thread for Cherrywood and continue there.
Rum is the answer. What was the question?

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