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I did enjoy the Jamaica-Agricole combination, and sometimes still do, but now I prefer strong jamaican rums (2oz) with strong esters and ripe fruits on the palate.

Here,again, is the ranking of Mai Tai Rums from a friends blog:

All Mai Tais have been made with Marie Brizard Orange Curacao, Meneau Orgeat and selfmade Demerara Syrup.

The two I enjoyed the most lately have been with Berry's Own Selection Jamaica 1990 17yo (Hampden) and the LPS Long Pond 17 Years Old (53%), from Long Ponds Pot Still. These 2 are almost impossible to beat and do not need an Agricole added.

Edit: The Appleton Extra / Clement VSOP Mai Tai only got 6.5 points, which is also my point of view. I find Appleton rums to have a refined flavour profile, but when it comes to a Mai Tai it doesn't fit very well. It is too soft and has not enough fruit and esters to have the full jamaican flavour for your Mai Tai.
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