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As far as I know the only Japanese rum is Cor Cor, which is made in Okinawa and is not widely-available. You may with some luck find it in specialist bottle shops but from what I've heard about its quality you might prefer to give it a wide berth.

Japan is generally not a good place for the rum drinker. When I lived there I could get hold of Pampero Aniversario fairly easily as well as a few other decent sippers, but the rum available in bars was limited. Myer's Dark is probably the most widely-available dark rum, but you're also likely to find Havana Club and of course Bacardi in many places. The quality rum scene in Japan is niche but it does exist if you know where to go.

If you like whisky then you're in luck going to Japan! When I go back I'll be investing my time and money in that, not rum.
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