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Default This Weeks Haul

The rum gods have been kind again this week. I had 2 rum mules come back from Trinidad and the Bahamas and they came back with the following.
1) Forres Park Puncheon from T&T.
2) Fernades Black Label from T&T.
3) Angostura 1919 from T&T.
4) Ron Ricardo Dark Rum from the Bahamas.
5) Ron Ricardo Gold Rum from the Bahamas.
6) Ron Ricardo White Rum from the Bahamas.
7) Ron Mulata from Cuba.
I am also closer to organizing a trip to the Dominican Republic in the near future as I have found a Dominican who will act as my guide and knows some family members of the Brugal family. Trying to contact anybody on line has proved very frustrating. So just have to go down there and do the research for myself!!!
Then last night I held a tasting of 15 rums from the Caribbean and Brazil for the sales staff of our various companies, now time to rest the liver!!
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