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Default Tried Appelton 12 yr for the 1st time...WOW!!!

After reading about the praises of Appelton Extra further down the board I decided to pick up a bottle when I was at one of local haunts. The jacked the price up since the last time I was there so I debated about picking it but then noticed that it was the older "pre-Extra" blend that had the 12 yr on the label so I dropped down $30 bucks for the bottle and picked up a few other favorites while I was at it (Plantation Trinidad 91' and Barbancourt White).

I have alsways fely the VX was a good buy for the taste, but this 12 yr is awesome. This is now one of my favorites. They had about a case left of the 12yr on the shelf so I think I may go back and stock up on it .

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