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Default The Somewhat Educated Consumer......

This is what I tell people when they ask me if I am a connoisseur.....

Hello all. As you can tell my name is Hank, and I came upon Ed and the Ministry prior to this great website, by reading the book Embarassment of Mangoes, and have been posting since it's inception.
My love for rum started 10 years ago with a bottle of Barrilito 3 Star, and the rest is history.
I am currently residing in Orlando, and I travel to the islands as much as possible. I have hosted some tastings and a rum party or 2 here, and i work closely with Kurt Joseph's, whose liqour store has the best selection of rum in the city.
I am currently working on a website, Rum Island Orlando, where I will post my comments and notes on rums I have spent some time with. I also love cigars, and try to find great pairings, which I will also discuss on the site. I am a computer moron, so this takes me quite a long time.
I currently have around 140 bottles on hand, so I have quite a bit of writing to do!
I am honored to be listed be listed here with the other members of the Cabinet, all EXTREMELY knowlegable rum lovers. I have met a few of you already, and hope at some point to meet the rest!
If there is any way I might be of assistance to anyone, I would be glad to share info, and there is plenty of it already here on the Minstry.
My best regards to all of you......Salut!
Rum is the answer. What was the question?

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