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Originally Posted by Tiare View Post
I also forgot to mention that i`m also interested in knowing something about your wooden continuous and pot stills..
The wooden stills are made of local hard wood.
The continuous still is made up of two columns and each column is made up of a number of rectangular frames stacked on top of each other and bolted down. The rectifier has cooling / heating coils in about half of the sections. It is similar in structure to the one initally constructed in 1832 by Aneas Coffey, the Irish excise officer.
We have 2 wooden pot stills - one is a single wooden pot and the other is a double wooden pot. The difference in the pots, other than in the number of pots, is the quality of the product they produce - the single pot is lighter mildly flavoured with a thinge of sweetness and fusel oils where as the double pot is much heavier, robust with a good tone of fusel oil.
I would have love to grace your eyes with photographs of models of the wooden continuous and double wooden pot stills but the site is not permitting me to send photos in the replies.
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