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Default Fazenda Soledade cachaca

A few years ago i attended a tasting for Oronoco Rum. I met the owner of the distillory Vicente Bastos, a super guy who's family has been the Cachaca biz for a few generations. The farm is located in Nova Friburgo. In addition to Oronoco and the Nega Fulo that you metioned, they also make the Moleca which is double distilled. they have two very large brass was a great trip to see how it is made. Lately the newest line is Fazenda Soledade 'pura' and 'jequitba' Vicente has been using different kinds of native wood to age the Cachaca. When I was in Rio last year I tasted both...really great. the jequitba wood really gives the Cachaca a great taste and due to the double distill really smooth..hope this answered some of your questions
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