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Hi Lee,

As best as I can tell, Rhum Negrita is a blend of rhums from the French Caribbean. Unlike La Mauny, Clement, St James - to name but a few Rhum Agricole's - it does have a different taste. Almost like it's been introduced to charred barrels, but that's more of a guess rather than actual knowledge. However, as indicated by both Ed and Berbician, Agricole rum is made using sugar cane juice and generally doesn't get much aging, which gives it more of a raw and sweeter sugar cane taste. They also tend to be much higher proof in their alcohol content. Negrita is only 40% abv - many agricole rhums are around the 55% abv mark.

Personally I don't mind Negrita, although it's not one I'd drink neat, but more likely mixed with diet coke. Jolipapa's right though, there are better Agricole Rhums to drink. Having recently added a couple more bottles to the French Caribbean rhum's I've got, I'm looking to write a peice on the subject, although I'm currently a bit behind on everything including RumFest, so it may be a month or two before anything's posted to my site. If you're interested in having a read and you're on Facebook, Like and keep an eye out for the article

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