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Originally Posted by Ruminsky Van Drunkenberg View Post
Well, I dunno...there may be an appalling lack of worldwide regulation regarding what a rum is, but if it isn't made from sugar cane or its by products, I'd suggest it's not a rum, just a spirit trying to be one.
I'd have to agree with this, being made from sugar cane or its products should be the very minimum requirement for something to be called a rum. Even if both sugar cane and maple syrup contains sucrose, the idea that the other components are less important to the character of a rum is bit of a stretch : Sugar cane rums and molasses based rums are very different in taste profiles, and yet both contain sucrose.

Already, the definition of what is a rum is tenuous at best, with all the altered products and liquors on the market. We might as well just label as "rum" any spirit that doesn't fall into any of the other catergories of spirits.

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