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There is Cuba Libre. They actually struck a deal with a major distributor to have their very own line of rums, with their Cuba Libre 21 year being magnificent!
Cuba Libre label rums are made by El Dorado so their 21 should be good. When I visited Cuba Libre, I was disappointed that the mojitos were mass produced with no muddling, "It takes too long." The mint was infused in the simple syrup for production and though the idea of crushing fresh sugar cane sounds good, I've only been in one bar where they actually did it. One of the problems which is generally overlooked is that you can't prep the bar by pressing the cane in advance. Fresh sugar cane juice turns brown in less than 20 minutes, much like fresh apple slices. The other problem is that once cut, sugar cane stalks begin deteriorating and actually fermenting due to the sugar content and natural yeast.

Originally Posted by RumBarPhilly View Post
More worthy of note is Rum Bar.
I look forward to getting to Rum Bar.
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