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Default Price of Rum

I am new to sipping fine rums, but have been drinking wine for some time. I wouldn't blink twice at paying $40 or more for a good bottle of wine, sometimes over a $100. A bottle of wine will only last for an hour or so with the wife and I drinking on it. A good bottle of rum is less than $50, the best a little bit more, but will last several days depending on how much and how many people are drinking from it. Compared to other liquors, good rums are relatively cheap if you look at prices for good Cognac, Whiskey, Tequila and even Vodka.

Now I am not a rich man by any means, the wife and I are both military, but I enjoy my booze and have no problem putting out a little bit more money for a good drink. I have noticed that in a lot of the posts on this forum people are hesitant to purchase a bottle of rum or drink from one they already bought because of the cost. I also see a lot of posts asking if a particular bottle of rum is worth the price tag put on it. In my opinion, you can't put a price tag on enjoying what you eat or drink, maybe my priorities in life are out of whack.

Is it me or are Rum drinkers a little tighter in the wallet than other spirit/wine drinkers?
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