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We are never 100 % sure of anything.

Two years ago I reviewed a bottle I purchased, and a few months later a friend of mine brought over another bottle and his bottle tasted like mine did. In Miami last May I sampled some new Cockspur (at the luncheon I mentioned in the review) and noticed the difference immediately. I was given a sample bottle at that luncheon to take home, and I was sent another bottle about two months later to review. Each of those bottles tasted the same and much better than I remembered from my earlier experience.

Now two years is a while, and it could be that the blend has slowly gotten better over time, after all we would expect that they are trying to improve at all times. (In fact that switch to 100 % Coral filtered water was mentioned by the Cockspur representative to me as just that type of improvement over time that they are trying to achieve)

It could also be that my palate has changed slightly over two years with myself gaining a larger appreciation for Pot Still Rum. All I can say definitively is that the new Cockspur blended rum with the coral filtered water tastes better to me today than the old blended rum with the Hood River Water did two years ago.
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