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Default Review of Ron Millonario

Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial Rum is a new rum which has entered the Alberta marketplace from Peru. It was extremely hard to research this rum as not even the Ron Millonario Website has any information about it. The website does speak of three old Scottish column stills and a slow distillation process used to produce their rum from sugar cane molasses, although the exact distillery which produces the rum is not mentioned (only that it can be found in the North of Peru). It is implied that this distillery uses its own specially selected yeasts in the fermentation process, and mention is made of the distillery’s own coopers who construct their own aging barrels from American and Slavonian oak.

Although specifics about this particular rum are hard to find, it does give me an opportunity to review the spirit with very few preconceptions.

Here is a link to my review:

Review: Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial Rum
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