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Very cool story! I was discussing with David and Clyde from Castries when I met them a couple months back about your site, and your title, the Minister. We were looking at titles to call myself and other rum enthusiasts out there, a few were, "Deacon, Ambassador, Governor, and Rabbi (I am Jewish, despite not being a rabbi, haha)"

I suppose it would take away from your status if we did so, though, as you know 10 fold more than anybody on this forum about rum...Although Robert, you do seem to possess an endless stream of knowledge about almost everything!

My favorite part of this forum is that, in Philadelphia, I am the foremost knowledgable person on rum (that I know of), and on here, there are nearly 2 dozen people who know more than me. I love the site, and check it more than my email!
--Adam Kanter
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Philadelphia, PA
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