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I've tried a few more rhums since my last post.

Rumfest had one agricole - Saint Aubin. Its like an agricole lite.

In discussing the drink with bartenders etc I have reflected on my past ti punch efforts, in effect I was making a stirred daiquiri - that's still how I drink my white rhum. I've taken to adding a dash of Angostura bitters as well & calling it an 'Old Fashioned Ti Punch Daiquiri' - a sacrilege of all 3 drinks but I like it

I have found that using 50:50 blanc & amber rhums is more to my taste. I make it more traditional way - i.e. ice, rum, squeeze of lime, teaspoon of sugar, quick stir. I say more traditional because it's an aperitif so you're making it quick so you can socialise! However I do make it in a small brandy snifter because I like being able to swirl the drink in the glass & I like to smell the drink. Allowing a little bit of melt time is part of the drink.

Im still on my first 2 bottles of agricole but Im near the bottle of both of them - Im going to push the boat out & get 3 on my next shopping trip - I have Clement VSOP in mind for the vieux, J Bally for the amber & Im decided on the white but enjoy the Trois Riveras
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