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Default How to prepare Ti Punch...

Hi all

I'm a novice to rhum agricole. In the UK its perhaps the hardest 'rum' type to find - regular off licences don't stock it, good specialist off licences will order in it but its expensive compared to other rums.

I ordered a bottle of Saint James Amber for mixing. I hadn't found a drink I loved it in.

I decided to try a Ti Punch - I thought it was awful, the after taste was not to my liking!

I just saw that video today but I made it similar to this method:

No offence to your method Ed!

I was in a bar a couple of weeks ago & spotted that they had Trois Rivieres Blanc so I asked for a Ti Punch. I spotted the barmaid used quite a lot of fresh lime juice & Trois Riveries Sirop de Canne (brown cane sugar syrup).

We chatted about it ~ I was saying it 'T-I punch' where as she said it was 'tea punch'

I liked it more than my first effort :-) Much more palatable, so funky I wasn't sure what juices she had used!

The taste of it has been on my mind....

I already had Trois Riveries Sirop de Canne, yesterday I got a bottle of Trois Rivieres Blanc.

I decided to do over the Ti Punch - I approximated what I had before:

1.5 parts lime
0.5 parts sugar
2 parts rhum.

I then stirred it for about 3 minutes with plenty of ice cubes (like an Old Fashioned). It filled my tumbler.

I thought this was a pretty good 2nd attempt - that cold, funky, puckeringly sour but moreish taste was there - Ill have it again like this :-)

I note a lot of Ti Punch recipes use 1/8th of a lime & a teaspoon of sugar, arguably the same approximate ratio I used (I just end up with more fluid)

I may revisit the Saint James Amber using this Old Fashioned method - maybe I prefer the method, maybe I prefer the Trois Riveries Blanc.

My question is: How are people making Ti Punch & what are your thoughts about different methods & how it changes blanc / amber / vieux tastes?

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