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Everything Ed said is true about people wanting a well crafted spirit over a neautral spirit.

However, I believe over 90% of the population is uneducated about liquor. All they know is whats being spoon-fed to them (Cosmos, Sour Apple Martinis, Bacardi Mojitos). And unfortunately due to this, my best selling rum BY FAR is bacardi; nearly 45% of all bottles purchased are Bacardi Superior. The Bambu sells very well too, since many guests ask for Grey Goose and whatever, and I am all about converting drinkers to the rum-side, even if it is from a rum that is TRYING to be a Grey Goose.

I did a blind taste-test of 6 whites a while back and I rated Ron Rio White (our well rum) higher than Bacardi. And unfortunately, until Jay Z raps about Oronoco, itll all be about Bacardi!
--Adam Kanter
Rum Bar Lounge & Restaurant
Philadelphia, PA

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