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I would agree that the trend toward "bland is better" is not growing, and has probably matured (so to speak). I think that may account for the explosion of the"flavor me anything" trend that is in full swing.

Whilst the "niche" market for "artisanal" high quality spirits with flavor continues to grow and be strong, It remains shadowed by the "Great White". No harm, No foul there. It's just the way it is.

Some of the market consumers drawn in by flavor will continue to be curious and evolve into new experiences (we hope). Other consumers will achieve what I affectionately term as the "White Zinfandel Status". No harm, No foul there also.

I think the best thing is that those producers who choose to produce high quality products with "soul" and consumers who appreciate them, are seeing a resurgence and market for such products that have long laid dormant to a discerning palate.
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