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RumBarPhilly I wish I could share your optimism. You are right on the money when you write of the new and great products. But, I must say that Zaya did a little bit more than relocate. I have tasted the 2 different blends/producers and they can both be called good rums. The old Zaya is Botran all the way, somewhere in between the 15 and the 23 year old Zacapas. A sweet caramel coming out of the blend. The new Zaya is Angostura through and through with vanilla poking out at you. Also, it is drier. I like them both, but prefer the old Zaya. I can say, without reservation, that the "old" Zaya is gone for good. The Cruzan 5 year is another story. I will wager anyone that it is gone for good, too. I know, I know they say it's just a hiccup in production, but consumer products rarely reappear. The good news is that there is still plenty on the shelves to enjoy. ED5 is a real gem in price and taste. Bacardi 8 has not been a stellar sales performer is what I have heard.

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