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Default cruising with good rum

I admit it, I've become a rum snob. And almost every night as I relax I enjoy 3-4 ounces of a nice sipping rum such as Zaya, Matusalem, Pampero Anniversario, etc. Its just become part of my life (THANK YOU, members of this forum for introducing me to this pleasurable little habit) and my wife will drink a rum planter's punch or a rum runner.

Well, we're thinking about cruising the Caribbean on one of those monstrous oceanliners that are popular now --- 7-9 days perhaps. But here's the rub; if cruise ships are like most bars I've ever been, they won't have my rums, and what they have is pretty pricey (I've heard from friends a simple rum-and-coke made with Bacardi might cost $7-8) And the cruise ships appear VERY strict on their "No Alcohol Brought On Board" policy, scanning all luggage and personage and threatening disbarkment (is that a word??) if alcohol is found.

Adding up the probably costs, we might have to add $500 to the price of the cruise just to pay for our nightly habit!

Does anyone know tricks to bypass the law? How could I bring, say, two bottles worth of Matusalem Gran Reserve onto the boat without being detected? Has anyone had good or bad experiences in this regard?

Peace to all, this new year

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