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Default Thanks for the welcome :)

I'm very new to rum myself and glad I stumbled upon the Ministry of Rum not so long ago. I've looked for something like this forum all over the web to get ideas and information, and hopefully this will be a great virtual bar.

My greatest interest in spirits so far has been single malt whisky and it still is - but rum has certainly made an impact. I've had the pleasure of tasting two wonderful rums I recently bought; Mount Gay Extra Old and Angostura 1824 and I recently tasted El Dorado 15 in a bar - really liked that one too. I'm also reading all I can find on the web as well as the fantastic "Rum" by Dave Broom - also a known as a whisky writer of fame from Whisky Magazine.

Unfortunately the availability of rum in Norway is somewhat limited due to the state owned monopoly system, still there are a few I'd like to purchase such as some of the ruhm agricoles etc . Luckily I'll go to Prague this summer and I'll make sure I find something otherwise not available.

Well, that's it for now - see you soon


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