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Originally Posted by worlok View Post
'm a mamajuana freak, and enjoy making weird things. In another life perhaps I was a medicine man or a shaman. I make my own yogurt, kefir, mamajuana, masala chai, etc... Actually, one of my old ancestors had her own vitamin tonic business and she was a medicine woman of sorts. I guess it runs in the family.
I found a bottle of Don Ramon mamajuana from the Dominican Republic last week at Jensen Liquors in Miami. It contains what looks like assorted wood chips, leaves, seeds, powder, bark, peels, dried flowers and some unknown substances. The instructions say fill the bottle with rum, wine and honey and let it steep. It apparently cures all sorts of ailments as a sort of tincture. Tell us more about your mamajuana brew.

In the Bahamas, they have a tincture made from rum and the bark of the Kamalame tree (gumbo limbo) that cures "weakness in men." Viagra is also known to solve such problems.
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