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Originally Posted by Tiare View Post
I just love that rum! I need to get another bottle soon, what a good thing i`m soon going back to New Orleans! gonna grab the white expression too.
It is delicious. Louisiana is having a bit of a rum revolution. Not surprising considering all the sugarcane grown there. There is a very small craft distillery in Lafayette that produces a white and a dark rum, good flavors.

But the one to notice is Bayou Spirits in Lacassine, LA (ten minutes down the road from me.) Their white, satsuma, and spiced rums have won awards. But just a month ago they released a dark (select) rum. Aged 1.5 years or so in bourbon barrels. It's absolutely delicious. It's a little sweet, but it's way better than a ton of other (and much older) rums. I will be very surprised if it doesn't win awards. It's a $30 bottle.
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