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I feel terrible . . again with the "Dang, has it been this long?"
and the "Hey you all know I have been drinking rum/rhum/ron right?"

I am designing a couple of releases for people . . .but what is exciting right now:
RON Navazos-Palazzi . . . So freaking exciting! I am waiting with baited breath for a taste . . . (If you try it first let me know!)[check authenticity:]

The only place I know you can get it is: SOUTIRAGE | 866 309 8203
DIRECT | 310 775 2430;, apparently they have a deal for $165 (supposed to be $185-210....I love deals!)

I 'think' they ship to other states . . .If you have a problem, LMK I will try to help!

I will post my comments the moment I get my bottle (and try it at least 3 different times, in multiple glasses....the burden of objectivity!)

By the way, apparently, I don't mention enough how much Rum makes it better, but then, I thought we already knew!
a drink with forrest . . .
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