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Originally Posted by Hank Koestner View Post
Yes, my bottle is aged, I am sure at least 3 years, but maybe more. Help on this,Ed? Is Hors d' Age more than 3?
Yes, Tiare your bottle is aged, and the distilleries on Guadaloupe can be trusted to post the proper age on the bottle.
I wrote a post on this earlier today, but I guess it got lost in the shuffle.
Hors d' Age is generally a blend of rhum from several years. A few years ago Montebello was bottling a four, five, and eight-year-old rhum. My guess is that the Hors d' Age is a blend of rhums at least six years old.

For a distiller, it makes more sense to blend some old rhums into something they can market as opposed to just bottling old rhums with an age statement. They recognize that age isn't everything and that after a certain point the rhum is past maturity so it is better to blend something like an Hors d' Age. And Hank is correct. The distilleries are small operations but being family owned they are very careful about making wild claims about age, etc. When your family reputation is on the line, it's a whole different playing field.
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