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Originally Posted by TheRumelier View Post
Mr. Wolf, how do you compare it to the other Angostura offerings, 1919 & 1824?? I find there is quite a variation between these two and most of their other rums, but all good in their own way.
At this time I have tried the 1919 only once at a friends house. I had two glasses, one neat and the other mixed with coke. I would have tried it more often but my friend seemed to like it too much and the next time I visited it was all gone.

My memory of that one taste was that it was much smoother than the Royal Oak, but with a similar flavour profile. Whereas the Royal Oak is great in cocktails and rum cokes I would suggest that the 1919 would be more suitable for drinking neat or sipping with just a dash of coke. (It probably would make great cocktails but as royal Oak does fine their I think I would sip the 1919.)

As for the 1824, I have two bottles, in my collection based upon a small sip I had at CSN Liquor Store in Calgary. I remember that I was somewhat blown away the flavour. I remember a robust flavour profile but I am not sure whether i would consider it as smooth as the 1919.

I should warn you though that giving you my impressions after such a small sample (for both the 1824 and the 1919) is like recommending to your friend that he should marry a woman you have met only once. Such a rcommendation is frought with peril. At some point this winter I plan to open the 1824 and do a proper assessment. But I have far too many bottles open nowat the moment which must be consumed first.
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