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While searching another subject I discovered this (short) thread.
I have a soft spot for this lesser known rum area.
Dzama is different of Réunion rhums, but if you can afford it ('cause quite expensive) it is worth the journey.
Sadly, the big Isle has seen a lot of political instability and this is not good for trade. Terms of trade also have changed with UE and are less favorable for imported rums. (this applies also for La Réunion and Maurice rums) all this leads to higher prices compared to West Indies rums.
Dzama has a lot of rhums, white and olds, and an excellent vanilla flavored.
But I think since you wrote , you had an opportunity to try (and love) them!
you can find them here :

from Maurice:

from La Réunion, it is easier (if not cheaper, alas) to find and you have a lot younger rums in supermarkets and online:
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