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Hi All,
I have been a rum drinker all of my life. If I had to choose one libation it would be rum, and probably a rhum agricole. Speaking of which, now that I am rebuilding my bar would love to have a recommendation for a medium bodied rhum agricole. I already have a couple of St. Croix rums, Jamaican, Bermuda and Barbados. Which of the wonderful spirits from the French Caribbean should I consider. Back in the old days before I was forced into retirement, my career took me to every corner of Canada and Latin America. The assignment was like throwing gasoline on a fire, and after many years I never tired of it. Many a bottle of wonderful local stuff made it back to Chicago. Now that so many of my pals and relatives have passed on I have made closer friends with my booze and drink for the pure pleasure of the tastes. I'm glad to find a venue to feed my rum addiction.
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