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Both Sams and Binnys have several stores so don't expect to find everything in every store, the newest Sams at 50 E. Roosevelt Rd. and the store at 1720 North Marcey Street, just off North Ave and Sheffield have the widest selections but the other stores are also well stocked.

Binnys on North Clark St and their newest store at 1132 S. Jefferson Street have the best selections of the Binnys stores, if you only have the chance to visit one or two stores in Chicago. But having said that there are other Binnys stores where you might find something which has been overlooked such as a bottle of Demerara rum bottled by Bristol Spirits that is no longer being bottled.

There are a couple of boutique stores on Wells south of North Ave that have stocked some hard to find rums in the past.
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