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Default Cockspur Rum coming back to the US from Barbados

This was posted on just drinks, a subscription site, so this link may go away soon.

"The owner of Cockspur Rum, West Indies Rum Distillery, has targeted future growth for the brand in the US. The Barbados-based company said earlier this week that it has appointed former Moet Hennessy UK MD David Meyers to run Cockspur Rum USA. West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD) has also returned the brand's bottling, which used to take place in the US, back to the distillery.
Prior to joining Cockspur Rum USA, Meyers had been at MAP Consulting, having spent ten years with Remy Cointreau initially as managing director of Mount Gay Distilleries in Barbados. Subsequent to this, he was president and CEO of Remy’s US distribution company, and also spent time at Moet Hennessy UK.
In his new position, where he will be responsible for sales and marketing in the US, Meyers will report directly to company chairman John Taylor.
“Our goal is to more than double our sales volume in the US over the next few years,” said Meyers. “Our initial priority will be in our core markets of Florida, New York and the Pacific north-west.”
WIRD has also appointed MHW as the importer of record for its brands, while Savvy Drinks, a marketing and public relations firm specialising in spirits, has been retained to help build brand awareness with the trade and the consumer.
Cockspur Rum is also available in the UK, Bermuda, Western Europe, and Australia."

Cockspur has tried to sell its rum, bottled in the US, first in Metaire, LA and then in Hood River, OR for about 15 years with less than stellar results.

To double sales in the next few years is a small goal for this iconic Bajan rum.
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