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Originally Posted by Capn Jimbo View Post
You mean wider than tall...

Before I start again, I must say this is a fantastic tasting glass, simply perfect for me. Great differentiation of aroma - high, low and in between, no overpowering, and it swirls easily and like there's no tomorrow. All due to the slight, squat tulip and a very wide (respectively) rim.

And the price? Sit down.

$299 for six. Naw, I'm kiddin. It's $29.90 for six, not bad. Naw, I'm kiddin. It's $2.99 each, now isn't that somethin! Naw, it's..

$2.99. For six. On sale at Ikea, an amazing store! At these prices your customers can break all they want. BTW, they do come in a shorter stem, which I achieved while too agressively cleaning one, lol...
Ikea... who wouldve thought i can stock my bar with ikea-ware...
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