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It sounds like there is no perfect glass for every rum and no perfect rum for every person. I usually enjoy several different rums in an evening. And since I wash my own glasses and don't have enough room for a lot of different glasses I tend to use only two or three different glasses.

Jimbo's glass fits several of the essential criteria: a wide mouth, holding enough spirit and being cheap enough to break. In general I stay away from stemware due to their high center of gravity and inherent propensity to tip over, break and spill their contents.

For tasting and writing reviews, I usually try a rum in at least a couple of different glasses, each of which tend to enhance different virtues of a rum. Sometimes you need to use a tall slender glass in order to discover some of the aromas. For rhum agricole, at 100 proof, a larger mouth glass is the only way, for me, to appreciate all the spirit has to offer.

And as Capn Jimbo observed, the amount of rum in the glass is also a factor when assessing a spirit.
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