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In honor of Santa Teresa's Gran Reserva being the "Rum of the Month", I decided to break a bottle out for last nights pre-snooze beverage. While it is sip able neat, it is barely so for my palate. I prefer it served on ice where IMHO this Rums flavors become more approachable. But that's just me. However, it also makes an excellent mixer. Had it in a Rum Tonic a couple days ago while seeking relief from the +100 degree weather we have been experiencing here in SoCal. The combo of lime and tonic really brought out this Rums best qualities. Sadly though, it has become difficult to come by in my neck of the cactus patch. Total Wine has discontinued all of Santa Teresa's line-up here. The only silver lining in this local extinction was my luck in discovering the close-out in time to take advantage of the mark downs,.... picked up the last 8 bottles of the the Gran Reserva for $6 a piece, and the last 5 bottles of the Rhum Orange for $10 a piece,......
and the Rhum Orange makes a superior substitute for Orange Curacao in a Mai Tai. I may never go back.
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