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Default Questions for Master Blenders

To all the master blenders out there, or anyone else for that matter, I have a plethora of questions regarding various blending techniques and styles to put out there in a more general context. Since I know distilleries do not want to divulge their trade secrets, I don't expect answers that would go into the specific methods used at a particular distillery. Also, I will limit my questions for now.

I am guessing that this question might be more directed at the blenders from the French West Indies or areas that were heavily influenced by blending methods used in Cognac, but I could be mistaken. At any rate, my question is whether rum blenders incorporate the practice of introducing "faibles," or matured weak spirit somewhere between 15 to 30% ABV, into the blend during the reduction process?

Along these same lines, I am curious if another blending technique often used in the Charente made it into the rum producing lands: that being the practice of slow reduction. I know that when a blender determines that a really good barrel is going to be committed to a high end blend, it receives a very, very slow reduction with water and/or faibles over a long period of time. Is this also the practice with rum blending? Again, I'm guessing that these techniques, if used, might be particular to the French influenced regions, but I could be wrong.

Many, many thanks in advance for some elucidation!
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