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I have numerous small oak barrels, some with rum in. The best results have been to use white rums. Older rums don't have as good a result as you alter the original blend with the extra oak contact. I have a barrel full of Castillo Silver that has changed clour and profile tremendously after several months. I have emptied a couple of Brugal aluminum barrels into oak barrels, that was pretty successful. Failures have been a small spanish oak barrel I filled with Admiral Rodney. It is now very oaky and almost undrinkable, nothing like it's original smooth blend, even when I keep topping it up. I just acquired a personalised 1824 Angostura barrel. I have only put one bottle of 1824 in it and will drink it quickly so it doesn't alter the blend too much. All sorts of small oak barrels are avaiable on eBay, I even got an old British Naval Grog Tun recently, one of my prized possessions now, with "God Bless The Queen" in brass letters on the side.
It is nice to pour the rum from a barrel and looks great on any bar.
St.Nicholas Abbey in Barbados are offering barrels of rum for sale and they will even bottle the rum for you when it is aged to perfection. That might be worth a try:-
I have a spare 195 liter barrel full of 2 year Angostura rum, available for $650 but pick-up only!!!!
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