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Default Temptryst Hickory Rum

I had the pleasure of spending the first part of my evening with this rum.
I must say, there are wonderful things being concocted in Texas. If there were a silver pole in my living room, the legs on this rum would have wrapped around it. The aroma is wonderful, woody and spicy, and vanilla. This is a smooth rum with a smoky wood flavor and a rich consistency. There is a touch of spiciness, and a just a touch of heat, which I enjoy. The finish stays with you, lingering nicely. There are wood chips in the bottle, and now I will ignore my desire to continue drinking, and I will wait and compare my notes at a later date to see how the wood chips affect the taste. I believe it has been mentioned that this is an experiment to see if this rum will age in the bottle because of the wood. More at a later date........
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