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Default Tough Competition

I knew the judges at the RumFest UK's Rum Experience Competition, as a group, were not easily impressed and I was initially a bit surprised that no gold or silver awards were given out in several categories.

Among various competitions, let it be known that to score a bronze, silver or gold medal in this competition is a "big deal" and no trivial matter.

Most rums are produced to match the palette of local producers and consumers, and this sensibility varies greatly. Therefore, in a competition truly represented by judges from around the globe, opinions vary just as widely.

In my travels, I often note that the pride of each region or island or nation in their cane spirits comes from decades and centuries of refining the process to their liking. Consequently, it's human nature to dismiss the efforts of other regions as less worthy of praise than their own.

Therefore, to reach a consensus among a wide range of taste preferences as to what constitutes "the best" is perhaps rare and notable indeed.
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