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Agree with the above, but would throw out one warning, and maybe this is just me own experience and observation. Many times, it seems people cheat themselves in an effort to "make up" for lack.

What I mean? Somebody will buy (for example just to use a brand name), Stirring's syrup or cocktail mix. Which they might find o.k. for what ever they are trying to accomplish, but then attempt to make it better or exceptional on the basic premise that adding a more expensive rum will give the cocktail a lift.

What I'm trying to get at is if you go the expensive rum route, I suggest you make the compliments flow in both directions and use the best or most likable ingredients in the process. Generally fresh ingredients, or higher quality products (which often cost more) make for a better end result regardless of the quality and price of the rum.

It isn't always the case but more often than not, I find it can be a loss when mixing and matching sub-standard with high-standard.
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