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Default only the good stuff

Hi I actually joined this site a few years back but life got busy. I still drink what I consider the best rums I can find. Not a Bacardi or captain morgan drinker. Ron Centenario, fundation rates pretty high for me. Ron Anejo Pampero aniversario, Santa Teresa, Fleur De cana, appleton estate.
I have been known to spend $10 a bottle for shipping just to have what I want. I like several others but you get the picture. I am always game for a good celebration with quality rum.
I am 47 and I don't really remember when I started drinking rum as a favorite. I am currently in Annapolis getting my sailboat ready to head south for warmer climates. This site has a lot of good information about some good rums. You get what you pay for so only buy the best.
I would rather have one really good bottle of rum when I want a drink than 50 bottles of who knows what around to look at. I prefer Dr. Pepper if I am using soda. I enjoy a really good rum with honey water(it really lets the flavor shine)I have called this a rumoney for years.
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