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Default Guadeloupe

I think we have found the first candidate.. one of the Damoiseau rhums will be in the bag..

The Damoiseau website is worth a quick look if you can speak french.

They have a few nice photos of the production process, and they actually list all the operating distilleries in Guadeloupe... I think I've just found my target list. Its going to be a Guadeloupian adventure. !!

"Neuf distilleries assurent la production de l’île.


Distillerie DAMOISEAU FRERES (le Moule)


Distillerie REIMONENQ (Sainte Rose)
Distillerie SEVERIN (Saint Rose)
Distillerie MONTEBELLO (Petit-Bourg)
Distillerie LONGUETEAU (Capesterre)
Distillerie BOLOGNE (Basse-Terre)


Distillerie BELLEVUE (Capesterre)
Distillerie POISSON (Grand Bourg)
Distillerie BIELLE (Grand Bourg)"

As for the wine...The maddening thing is we can buy really top notch French wine in Australia at good prices, hell, the wine my partner and I drink when in France (she is french), we can buy in Oz for cheaper..figure that one out! But I have never seen any of the agricoles down here..not a skerrick...I live amongst heathens.

Tally ho.
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