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Originally Posted by tym2relax View Post

I wondered if the winner of say the 9-15 year could have been better than the winner of the +15 year or are more aged rums always best?
I've tasted rums which were in the younger age categories that were some of the best rums on the shelf.

My first drink of the day is usually a rum that hasn't been aged at all. Neisson Rhum Agricole Blanc for example was awarded White Spirit of the Year by Paul Pacult and Wine Enthusiast magazine in 2005.

Like Robert pointed out, the public, and judges, tend to look for the oldest spirits when some of the best aren't always the oldest.

I'm looking into giving an award for Best New Spirit, which would be a huge misnomer since it would be like a new-to-car which has been around for some time, but it's new to me or the judges.
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