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Interestingly enough, I went looking through my rums for a couple to review, and came across two bottles of St. James - the Hors D'Age and the Royal Ambre. The labels on both contain the word Agricole in thier descriptions and both contain the phrase "Appelation d'origine Controlйe" on the label.

I have two other Martinique rums, the Kaniche and the Clement VSOP. The Kaniche says nothing about Agricole or Appelation d'origine Controlйe. The Clement says both "V.S.O.P Rum" and "Rhum Clement V.S.O.P" - not an agricole by the looks of it. However, the back label says something perhaps a bit misleading: "The heirs of the H. Clement Estate...offer a wide variety of white rums all certified with the Appelation d'origine Controlйe Martinique..." This seems to imply that it's an agricole, but does not specifically say so. Nor can I find any info on the Web that says it's an agricole - or not, so I have to assume it's not.

I also noticed that both Saint James rums are products of Martinique, while the Kaniche and Clement are products of France. Does the rum have to be a product of Martinique to be an agricole?

Out of curiousity, what type of agricole do you prefer for a Ti' Punch? White, gold, unaged, aged, aged even longer?
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