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Default Santa Teresa Bicentenario

I was lucky this year to obtain some bottles of Santa Teresa most aged rum: Bicentenario. This is not a commercial rum and production is limited to 1000 bottles per year. They claim this is a blend of very old rums (up to 80 y.o.) and then the blend is aged during 15 years. I have tasted and is excellent. Color is particular: quite dark (more brown than yellow) with body. For those that know Venezuelan rums I could describe Santa Teresa Bicentenario something between Cacique Antiguo (strong) and Diplomatico (sweety). I tasted while cooking (bad idea because place was quite hot) but will taste again and will try to describe it much better. I forgot to mention something: even though Bicentenario is great the bottle and presentation is not at the level of the content. I really love this Rum but I believe that this should be a holistic experience and when talking about aged and dark rums I believe most of the people expects a nice and distinctive bottle. One I love is Pampro Aniversario that came in a leather sac but Santa Teresa Bicentenario is a very simple bottle (maybe because it is not a commercial execution). Anyway I like it a lot.
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