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If you will update your Profile in the User CP > Edit Profile and then in the top block of questions

Select whether or not your list of favorite rums will be public or private. Make my list of favorite rums

> make this public by selecting public from the list. (The default is public for new users)
And Wahla, your list of favorite rums will be pubic for others to see. In the future I'd like to make this available only to other members who are logged in but I don't have that code in front of me. It's always something.

I took the liberty of changing Paul's profile so we can all see his list so he doesn't have to type so much. Next I'm going to have a cumulative list of member favorites but that's going to have to wait until I have another glass of my favorite spirit.

After making this public, I edited my list of favorites. While there are some rums I would rather drink than others, I tried to choose those rums that I prefer from a particular distiller. As an example, the Barbancourt 5 star, 8 year old, is my favorite from Barbancourt. Of course I like to drink the others, but that is my favorite of that group.
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