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I find Rum is unique in that one needn't spend a whole lot of money to taste a world-class product. For $40, I can buy and taste a bottle of some of the finest rum in the world. Heck, when I visited the Cayman Islands recently, a typical restaurant meal for my family ran over $100, yet that same amount could buy an assortment of 4-5 bottles of rums, many unavailable in the States. Sure, I've dumped a couple bottles down the drain (Sea Wynde comes to mind, and 10 Cane, which immediately and unfortunately repulsed me) yet Tortuga 5 year old and Ron Zacapa 23 met my taste buds like long-lost friends.

So my thought is ..... spend a little money to sample some aged rums, compare them in a "flight" against your unaged favorites, and make the decision for yourself if its worth the price to buy again.

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