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Default Ron Mocambo 20 years: unique?

I missed the London RumFest because I was flying back from Mexico that weekend, and I landed too late on the Sunday to make the event. It was disappointing to miss what looked like a great show but at least I managed to pick up a couple of bottles of Ron Mocambo 20 years Art Edition before leaving Mexico.

I opened one of them the other night and I was surprised at how odd, or should I say different (?), this rum was. I'm not very good at detecting or describing flavours in rum, all I can really say is that there is overwhelming flavour in this rum which I can't quite put my finger on. Whatever it is, it is unique, at least in my experience.

Is the flavour profile of this rum similar to other Mexican rums, or is truly unlike anything else out there?

I also stumbled upon the 10 year pistol special edition, but it was not particularly cheap. In fact, it was not much cheaper than the price listed on a UK website, so I'm pleased I didn't waste any of my 1 litre allowance on it.

I just don't know what to make of the 20 year though...
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