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Default Fix the Pumps

Darcy O'Neil is known in the cocktail community for his measured scientific approach to mixology. Here's a link to his latest book Fix the Pumps.

Spawned by a conversation about phosphoric acid in soda and cocktails in past centuries. No doubt you'll find more than you were looking for from Darcy.

Fix the Pumps peers into the history of the American soda fountain and the fascinating connections it had with bars and cocktails, including raising the ire of the Temperance League. Many of the unique ingredients and techniques, employed by the pharmacists, are explored in-depth including production of in-house seltzer water, soda acidulents and 450 pre-prohibition soda recipes.

There were literally thousands of different soda recipes that spanned the flavour spectrum from simple sodas, like lemon and strawberry, to complex concoctions like Aromatic Elixir and Calisaya. The creativity of soda fountains was easily on par with the local saloons.

The information in this book is valuable to anyone interested in the history of drinks and how soda evolved to become a worldwide industry. It also presents an opportunity for bartenders and mixologists to bring a new set of skills and drink style to their repertoire.

The last time I saw Darcy we were walking down the street in the French Quarter discussing the thermo properties of thermocouples that had been used to graph the temperature versus time during a cocktail shaker demonstration the previous day. Darcy was off to Canada in a few days to confirm his predictions with empirical data.
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